supporting and delivering against a broad range of strategic procurement, change management and systems thinking agendas

Research with map


Early work focused on urban design and built form research, such as via thought papers on Polite Urban Omission or design works for downtown Los Angeles with EDAW (now AECOM) and the California Transport Authority.

More recent work is on the delivery of large scale schemes and importantly, the identification of efficiency and effectiveness improvements within client organisations and their supply chains.

From changes to procurement strategies, or the Market Engagement Methodology which helped to identify over £359m of savings (resulting in a Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply Innovation Award), map is focused on both identifying, and delivering real world, tangible and actionable change.

Procurement Models
Commercial Changes
Strategic Change Model
Strategic Competency Framework
Change vs. Process
Nature of Social Science
Governance Framework
Theoria / Poiesis / Praxis
Research Frameworks

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