GRID - Core


Core level is focused on taking the next step towards ensuring better practice is embedded within your team or organisation. 

map unique tools such as START + VOLT begin to help you transform your current approaches to not only build more enhanced capabilities, focused change plans and comprehensive commercial strategies, but to ensure that the outcomes become embedded within your BAU operations.

While Foundation is about 'informing', Core is about 'producing'. The focus is not to initiate extensive change programmes here, but to enhance and move forward. It is likely that ideas presented here need to be moulded or delivered into your team or organisation to ensure best fit, with outcomes becoming part of your BAU service.




MAP_START process.png

START is a comprehensive capability management approach, centred on enhancing the skills within the supply chain function or client organisation. By providing a clear and targeted development plan at both department and personal level, the function is quickly able to identify opportunities and then form its own enhancement programme. 

While the assessment phase is split across 10 key skill themes with over 100 assessment areas covering sourcing, governance, pre-procurement and contract management and strategic category management for example, the end to end review process is designed to be quick but informative, providing you with the basis upon which to create an industry leading capability.



MAP_VOLT process.png

VOLT is one of the most useful and engaging tools in the map GRID. As its name suggests, it is a quick and engaging process aimed at identifying the opportunities across your supply base. It does not go as far as WAVE in terms of identifying specific outcome opportunities and savings gaps and does not contain automated tools like WAVE, but it is also a lot faster while being useful in direction setting and setting 'where to look'. 

Understanding potential quickly can be helpful as part of quarterly reviews, in year strategy formation or purely as a facilitation process to enact strategic category management type processes, or to test the robustness of either SRM or CRM structures. If WAVE finds the answer, VOLT identifies the potential. 


Strategy + Performance

With the Process and Compliance basics in place, focus here is on the creation of a direction, either at whole spend, category or sub category level and defining how that outcome will be measured and improved.

This is about creating the metrics to ensure spend under management is acted upon opposed to reported, it is about creating strategies that realise value and do not follow norms or are loaded with optimism bias. More information is available upon request or via the members portal.