GRID - Foundation


Foundation level is focused on expanding knowledge and presenting the principle ideas of change management, strategic procurement, systems thinking and value creation.

Key principles here are contingency and appropriateness. Understanding what can be used, but also when to use it are important components in the strategic procurement and change arsenal. 

While the procurement basics pages focused on the nature of procurement and its principles and background, here we are moving beyond just application and making the bridge with theory...we are moving into praxis.




MAP_SPMC process.png

SPMC, or Strategic Procurement Management Competence is the understanding and exploration of 5 inter-related elements. These can be viewed from two perspectives, in terms of the responsibility undertaken by a Supply Chain, Procurement or Commercial function by the business, or from the perspective of the function itself.


A comprehensive expansion on each of the five elements can be provided upon request or via the members portal.


Models + Tools

When we think about change in a procurement, supply chain or commercial setting we are faced with two components, models of how to change, and models we may want to consider when changing.

A comprehensive expansion on both areas can be provided upon request via the members portal.


Process + Compliance

Process and Compliance is centred on the practicalities of making decisions become reality and then ensuring those outcomes are maintained. This is about putting the basics in place from which to build a successful supply chain management function.


In the UK, the regulated sectors are under the most scrutiny when it comes to procurement process and such best practice can be provided upon request or via the members portal inclusive of some broader principles on compliance and ensuring the most modest of action undertaken results in maximise value for your business.