GRID - Advanced


Advanced level is focused on both identifying and realising the benefits to your team or function in terms of both outcomes and delivery.

map unique tools such as CELL + WAVE + PROMO are focused on delivering extensive change and value driven outcomes for both your business and your customers. CELL is centred on ensuring your function delivers the best internal service, while WAVE looks across your internal and external delivery chain to identify opportunities. PROMO then ensures those opportunities become a reality in delivery.

While Foundation is about 'informing', and Core is about 'producing', Advanced is about 'realising'. You are moving beyond enhancing the BAU and looking to set new standards, identify new opportunities and deliver a transformative outcome. Advanced is for the professional looking to change the team, drive new service levels and identify and unlock all the supply chain potential at their disposal.




MAP_CELL process.png

CELL is the primary departmental change model of of the map GRID. Focused on working with internal stakeholders while assessing external opportunities and best practice, CELL is an easy to follow programme of activity that embraces the cutting edge principles of change management and the fundamentals of socio-technical systems in action.

CELL allows you to both enact change at a departmental level, while communicating positive messaging at a business and supplier level, ensuring the end to end process of change is both well managed and well received. 



MAP_WAVE process.png

WAVE is the most impactful approach within the map GRID. It has the potential to unlock a variety of outcomes, from significant savings opportunities to revised procurement and delivery approaches. 

WAVE itself comprises a number of automated tools, process steps and assessment mechanisms but relies on the creation of a committed programme of activity with supply chain support to identify both what could, and what should be done. 

Taking between 2 weeks and 6 months to deliver a full WAVE programme, the savings realised can be transformative. 



MAP_PROMO process.png

PROMO is the realisation 'yin' to the identification 'yang' of WAVE. PROMO is focused on ensuring the outcomes of WAVE (or appropriate strategy in place) become reality in delivery. 

Consisting of a range of tools, process guides, delivery assessments, precedents and practice information, PROMO is the basis from which you can ensure that your goals are realised from procurement right through to onboarding, supplier management, responsible sourcing, supplier value audits and dispute resolution and onto gain share management, soft landings and beyond.

As with CELL and WAVE, PROMO is focused on transformative change and ensuring both compliance and effective delivery are achieved. Giving confidence at board level and driving value at contract level.