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Change & Value

map provides a unique mix of services and experiences, best described as the fulcrum between architecture & design, research & publications and commercial and procurement.

Success has been found by never deploying a blinkered view of the world, being open to new ideas and working together to find a best way forward.


From a domestic extension to the identification & delivery of millions worth of savings in a regulated FTSE, the idea of always being open to new ideas has been proved time and time again.



Ranging from £15k domestic extensions to £100m+ commercial work and £1bn+ urban works, map has experience across a variety of project types and client needs and are prepared to support your project from inception through to compeltion.


With demonstrable experience of designing, delivering and leading a variety of commercial projects, map is particularly experienced in regulated (formerly OJEU) environments having delivered over £2bn+ of commercial arrangementsfor a FTSE client to date.


While early work focused on built environment research, work since 2012 has focused on strategic procurement, change management (specifically Action Research) and systems thinking (Social-Technical & Complex-Adaptive) research with infrastructure clients.

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