Case Studies


FTSE 100 - Infrastructure

The base principles of the map GRID, models and approach to change (specifically through the adoption of WAVE) have helped identify over 5% efficiency across the entire multi-billion pound spend base, inclusive of the delivery of over £2bn worth of successful regulated procurement activity.



FTSE 250 - Project Delivery

Adopting the Core GRID elements of VOLT coupled with strategy and performance support enabled a shift change in delivery approaches and the need to modify the recruitment approach towards commercial staff and future bidding opportunities to find a market pricing gap of over 6%.


Warehouse Shelves


Utilising CELL following an extensive deployment of START allowed the modification of the entire production line, resulting in productivity increases of 11% and an investment programme of over £1.3m into new business streams.


Coastal Resort Pool Chairs

Luxury Retail

Following alignment of SPMC with the operating model, the business transformed its operating practices via PROMO to economise on its resourcing profile, increase spend compliance and both reduce its supplier base while finding over 8% in spend efficiency.


Architects Planning

Design Consultancy

Through the use of both VOLT and all elements of the CREATION principle, the company was able to expand its offering to a range of clients and help them to identify savings. This helped to build longer term contracts with 6 clients and ensured continued business while bringing added benefits to their clients and stabilising their relationships.


Young People at a Workshop

Resourcing Consultancy

Licensing the use of START and CELL with a range of clients has helped expand the offering of the company while increasing revenue by 15%. Supporting start-ups and established businesses, new work has begun on utilising PROMO to help those same clients improve governance and spend compliance management. 


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